$5 Shipping worldwide for up to 20 chirashi. Shipping details

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Shipping Information


B5 Posters (Chirashi)

Our low shipping rate is where you can really save, especially if you're buying multiple items. We ship worldwide airmail, for just $5 per 20 chirashi! (Due to weight restrictions, the limit is 15 chirashi if purchased with protective sleeves).

* Please note: This shipping service does NOT include a tracking number. But it is reliable, and represents the best value. Tracked Shipment or urgent courier shipping can be provided on request, at extra cost.

Movie Programmes

Shipping costs for movie programmes are $5 per programme.

B2 Posters (Hansai)

A flat-rate shipping fee of $15 applies to all orders of B2 size posters.

Large sized B2 and B1 posters are packed securely inside a sturdy cardboard tube, with padding at either end to avoid edge damage. Our number one priority is to ensure your purchase arrives to you in the condition it was sent in.  (Note: Our International Airmail shipping does NOT include a tracking number).


Delivery times vary slightly by region, but are usually between 7 - 10 working days (excluding weekends and public holidays). Please note that there may be delays around the busy Xmas period.

IMPORTANT: Shipping times may still be affected by delays due to ongoing Covid-19 disruptions. Delivery times are almost back to normal now, but note that small delays are still possible due to Covid related staff shortages. For this reason, we recommend allowing 2-4 weeks for delivery.


Our main concern is that your purchase arrives to you safely, and we've put a lot of thought into packaging your order as securely as possible ...

B5 Chirashi and Programmes

Your order will be shipped in a waterproof, light-proof, tear-proof PVC mailer envelope, reinforced with recycled cardboard to ensure your posters remain flat in transit.

The cardboard we use to reinforce your shipment is recycled cardboard - not only does this keep delivery costs down, but is better for the environment too. The cardboard is cut to A4 size so there is a gap between the posters and the edge of the package. This ensures that your posters won't arrive with corners creased or dented from rough handling in the postal system.

B2 Posters

Posters are shipped in an extremely sturdy cardboard tube with plastic end-caps. Additionally, the poster is wrapped in a plastic sheet to guard against water damage in the unlikely event that the tube becomes wet in transit. Packing material is used at either end of the tube to ensure the poster does not slide around inside the tube.