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Poster Information

What are the size of your posters?

We are specialists in Japanese chirashi - B5 sized movie flyers. These are approximately 7"x10" (176mm x 250 mm), unless stated otherwise. We also carry Korean flyers (A4 size), and a small selection of Japanese B2 size posters.

For more information about Japanese poster sizes, please visit

Are your posters authentic or reprints?

All our posters are original Japanese movie memorabilia, produced by the film industry in Japan for promotional purposes - guaranteed. They were only available from Japanese cinemas at the time of the film's release. We explicitly do not deal in reprints, as these are essentially worthless to collectors.

How do I tell a reprint from an original ?

Authentic Japanese posters are very high quality with rich, bright colours and sharp detail. A reproduction on the other hand may seem blurry and indistinct due to the fact it has often been scanned or photographed before being digitally printed. Check the small text - it should be crisp and sharp.

Another way to tell is the size - Japan almost always uses the 'B' series of paper sizes, rather than the 'A' series common in western countries. Many  reproductions are A4 size for instance - when they were never released in this size originally. Note: There are some exceptions, occasionally an original Japanese poster is printed in A4 size, but this is relatively rare.

Most chirashi are double-sided, with the reverse side often bearing the stamp or details of the cinema it was released at. While not all chirashi are double-sided, well over 99% of them are.

And of course, all posters at JPoster are authentic - guaranteed.

How do you grade your posters?

Generally speaking, all our B5 posters (chirashi) are in Excellent or Near Mint condition unless stated otherwise. If not in Excellent or near Mint condition, a description of the poster's faults can be found listed within the Description of the item. Obviously older posters (Ie: 20 years old +) can show signs of aging and wear. This is to be expected with older items. All our posters are of a quality suitable for collecting or framing, and we do not stock posters graded less than VERY GOOD.

NOTE: Our posters are authentic movie memorabilia, and therefore by their very nature cannot be classified as brand-new or Mint. The minute they were delivered to a movie theatre they became USED. Even if a poster looks perfect to us, we grade it as Near Mint.

Please see our Grading page for further information.

What are the different Paper Types?

Uncoated paper is exactly what it sounds like - paper that has no extra coating or paper finishing. Since there is no coating, there is no glare on the surface.

As the name suggests, this is a finish (or coating) that gives lots of shine. The glossy, smooth paper finish is similar in texture to a glossy magazine.

A matte finish provides a light coating that still enhances visual designs but without much glare. While matte coated paper is slightly rougher to feel, it gives a smoother presentation than if you were using an uncoated paper finish and is much softer in appearance than a gloss coating.

UV Gloss Coating
UV Gloss is a premium coating that makes pictures really stand out. It enhances color contrast and has a much greater shine than gloss papers. UV Gloss is not a paper type, but an additional coating added to a gloss or matte paper type.

Spot UV Gloss
This is where a UV Gloss Coating has been applied to specific areas of the poster to enhance the design. This is a premium effect that is difficult to photograph or scan for our website. It is best appreciated in person, as it relies on differences in "shine".

What is the Difference Between Uncoated, Gloss, and Matte Paper

The most important thing to know is that the differences between uncoated, matte, and gloss is primarily the amount of coating that is applied to the paper. The chart below gives you an idea of roughly how much coating is applied to each paper type.

Paper Type Percent Coating
Uncoated 0 %
Matte 25 %
Gloss 50 %
UV Gloss 100 %

Shipping / Packaging

What are your shipping costs?

Shipping costs are inexpensive and are the same price to any destination worldwide. Note that our shipping price does NOT include tracking. Orders are sent by International Airmail using the Postal Service.

Shipping costs are calculated automatically in the order process, and are shown in your Shopping Cart.

IMPORTANT: Shipping times are almost back to normal due to Pandemic disruptions, but may still see small delays.

Type Cost Delivery Time
B5 & A4 size Flyers (chirashi) USD$5.00 per 20 chirashi with no protective sleeves, or 15 chirashi with protective sleeves. 7-10 working days *
B2 Posters USD$15.00 per order 6-10 working days *
Movie Programmes USD$5.00 per item 7-10 working days *

*Note: "Working days" are Mon-Fri excluding public holidays. (Eg: 5 working days = one week).

Do I need to pay customs duty/ import taxes?

That depends on your country. Some countries charge an import tax on goods purchased overseas, some do not. Any customs or sales taxes applicable in your country are your responsibility.

Does my order have a tracking number?

No. We have carefully evaluated shipping costs to provide our customers with the best value shipping option, however it does not include tracking.

If you are placing a large order, or your country's postal system is unreliable, we are happy to arrange tracked delivery for you. Please note that this will cost extra, and is calculated by weight.

How do you package my order for shipping?

As poster collectors ourselves, we understand the importance of secure packaging. The following steps are taken with all B5 Chirashi orders:

  • Your order is shipped in a waterproof, light-proof, tear-proof, and puncture-resistant double-layered Mailer Bag.
  • Each order is placed between two recycled cardboard inserts to ensure your package remains flat and to prevent edge damage.
My order hasn't arrived, what can I do?

First, please check your estimated delivery date (this is sent in your shipping confirmation email). Note that the estimated arrival date is an estimate provided by the postal service, and can be affected by delays beyond our control.

If your order hasn't arrived within 14 days of the expected delivery date, please send an email to so that we can follow up.

What if my order is lost in the post?

Our worldwide shipping is a great deal and we think represents the best value for getting your order to you. The price does not include shipment via tracked parcel or regular insured article which costs a lot more.

In the rare event that your order is lost, we will launch an investigation with our Postal Service. They will send you a letter to confirm your address, along with a form to sign to confirm the package did not arrive. If your order cannot be located, we will send you a replacement.

My order has arrived damaged, what do I do?

In the highly unlikely event that your posters are damaged in transit, please retain the damaged items along with the original packaging, and contact as soon as possible. We may ask for photographs of the damage, and we will send you a replacement for any damaged items.

Shopping Info

I want to order multiple copies of a poster, but the shopping cart won't let me

Many of the posters available on the site are rare items, and we have in very limited supply (often just a single copy). We only display posters that we currently have in stock, and you can only purchase up to the quantity we currently have on hand.

Returns Policy

Please see our Returns & Refund Policy here