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About Us

JPoster.net was started by myself (Mark) as a hobby in 2010. I'm a huge fan of Japanese cinema, and on my first visit to Japan lucked across a small store in Tokyo that was selling chirashi posters. Unfortunately, when I returned a year later the store was no longer there.

By then I was hooked - this was the only way to get posters of my favourite Japanese films! It became my mission over subsequent trips to find more. With help from my partner who is native Japanese, I was able to setup business relationships not generally available to foreigners, and get hold of the posters I couldn't get anywhere else.

While building my collection, it became apparent that there were just no decent resources available, and certainly not in the English language. Even after tackling the translation issues, there was nowhere that provided what I needed as a collector ...

  • Original posters, NOT reprints
  • High quality images
  • A large selection of available posters
  • What year the poster was released (how else to know age and scarcity?)
  • English-language film title
  • Director and cast information
  • Accurate condition grading
  • Sensible packaging for delivery

Seeing as no-one else was doing it, I made it my mission to do it myself. This site remains a hobby, but has grown beyond all expectations. I am still surprised by the large number of collectors around the world who share a passion for Japanese movie posters.

If you love Japanese film and are looking for posters of your favourite films - you've come to the right place!

I hope you enjoy the site -
if you have any questions, please feel free to fire me an email


... Mark