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Covid-19 Update

We hope you are all keeping safe in your bubble. Staying home and helping to break the chain of transmission is our best strategy right now. Hopefully we can beat this thing, and get back to our normal lives as quickly as possible!

This page will answer any questions you may have around orders that are currently being processed, and transparent advice for those planning to place an order soon. This page will be updated as new information comes to hand, in what is a rapidly changing situation.

Your patience is very much appreciated.


We have received a few notifications from customers that orders are finally starting to arrive. Delivery delays seem to be around 3 days more than usual to the U.K. and the USA for items shipped in May. Items sent in March are seeing the largest delays of between 17 to 52 days. The exact delay for any order will depend on your location, the availability of international mail flights, as well as congestion within the postal network.


Please note that we cannot respond to individual enquiries concerning when your order will arrive. Simply put - we do not know. These are unprecedented times, with many mail flights cancelled. The postal service will deliver when they can.

May 20: Shipping Restrictions and Delays

According to our postal service: "Due to the wide spread of COVID-19 globally, we expect major international delivery delays due to insufficient airfreight capacity and government restrictions. We are still working actively to deliver but there may still be service impacts, please expect delays."

Please be advised that postal service to the following countries has been suspended until sufficient transport capacity is secured.

Argentina, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Barbados, Bermuda, Bolivia, Botswana, Brunei, Cambodia, Cayman Islands, Chad, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Cyprus, Djibouti, Ecuador, El Salvador, Fiji, Finland, Georgia, Honduras, Hungary, India, Italy, Jamaica, Kuwait, Laos, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Netherlands Antilles, New Caledonia, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Romania, Samoa, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Suriname, Sweden, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

If you live in one of the above countries, we advise delaying your order until further notice.

For countries and destinations not listed, it means all postal services are available, but please expect delays of up to 7-10 days.


We are now able to process and start shipping orders again.

Note: The postal service has advised that DELAYS ARE EXPECTED ... to everywhere.

Thinking About Placing an Order?

Please do not place an order with us if you are in a hurry. Understand that there may be unavoidable delays.

We promise that your order will be carefully and quickly packed, and that you will be very happy with the quality of what we send you. We will tell you when we send it, but we cannot tell you exactly when it will arrive. The huge uncertainties with international air flights right now means that we cannot give any reliable delivery date.

Note: Your order will be sent using the international airmail service. There is no tracking available for this service. Once your order is sent, we will be unable to give any further information on it's progress. It's simply a matter of waiting for it to arrive.

I've already placed an order - can you tell me when it will arrive?

We appreciate that some orders may have been delayed within the global postal system, as the pandemic rapidly spread around the world. If your order has been caught up in this, we apologise and appreciate your patience.

Many countries have closed their borders, and most are operating reduced postal services. Additionally, international air flights are operating at a greatly reduced capacity. In short, delivery dates are beyond our control right now.

We ask for your patience and understanding and assure you that your order will arrive, but may be subject to delays.

Note: All orders are sent using the international airmail service, for which there is no tracking available. Once your order is sent, no further information on it's progress is available. It's simply a matter of waiting for it to arrive.

Shipping Delay Information - You Can Help!

At present we have no idea how long shipping delays are likely to be. The postal service doesn't know either.

So we are collecting information on actual delivery dates to get some idea of the delays we can expect.

If you have placed an order with us in March or later, please send us an email to let us know when it arrives. We'll publish basic data below (anonymous of course), to help understand what delays are likely to look like going forward.


Sent prior to lockdown (March 5 - 24)

 - Expected to be the largest delays
Date Sent Destination Usual Arrival Date Actual Arrival Date Delay
Mar 18 U.K. April 1 April 23 22 days
Mar 18 Austria April 1 May 9 38 days


Sent After lockdown (April 28)

 - should be much smaller delays than above 
Date Sent Destination Usual Arrival Date Actual Arrival Date Delay
May 6 USA May 20 May 23 3 days
May 9 U.K. May 25 May 28 3 days
May 11 USA May 25 May 29 4 days



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