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Covid-19 Update

Information regarding orders that are currently being processed, and transparent advice for those planning to place an order soon. This page will be updated as new information comes to hand.

Last Updated: April 3, 2021

If Your Country Has Gone Into Lockdown ...

If your country has gone into lockdown, you should expect delays. Postal services are operating at reduced capacity in many countries due to efforts to protect postal workers. For futher information please refer to your local postal service.

Due to reduced international airfreight capacity caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, deliveries are typically being delayed by the following:

U.S.A < 10 Days
U.K. < 10 days
Europe 11 to 51 Days
France Expect long delays from La Poste!
Canada 20 to 40 days
Asia/Pacific < 10 days

* The above delays are in addition to the usual 2 week shipping time.

Please refer to Actual Delivery Times at the bottom of this page for further details.

If you wish to place an order, be aware that we cannot tell you specifically when your order will be delivered, or provide any further information once it has been sent.

Your patience is appreciated.

Countries known to be affected by delays

(As of April 4, 2021): Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, The Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Vietnam.

Please be aware that due to congestion with your postal service, or if your country has gone into lockdown - delays are beyond our control.

Please see Actual Delivery Times for further information on expected wait times.

Thinking About Placing an Order?

Please do not place an order with us if you are in a hurry. Understand that there may be unavoidable delays.

We promise that your order will be carefully and quickly packed, and that you will be very happy with the quality of what we send you. We will tell you when we send it, but we cannot tell you exactly when it will arrive. The huge uncertainties with international air flights right now means that we cannot give any reliable delivery date.

Note: Your order will be sent using the international airmail service. There is no tracking available for this service. Once your order is sent, we will be unable to give any further information on it's progress. It's simply a matter of waiting for it to arrive.


There are flight disruptions and cancellations as well as local governments' restrictions in place impacting many destinations. We are experiencing delays for all destinations. We are working closely with our partner airlines and other postal operators to move items as quickly as possible.

We recommend checking your local postal service website for further information on delays that are affecting your country.


Start date: 17th August. End date: TBC. Canada Post are currently experiencing significant backlogs at their Vancouver and Toronto processing facilities. As a result, please expect delays in the processing and last mile delivery of items dispatched to Canada. Deliveries to Canada are typically taking around 6 weeks, and this is beyond our control.
More info at: Canada Post


France has declared a nationwide lockdown due to increasing numbers of cases of COVID-19. As a result, delays are to be expected for items sent to France.
More info at: Colissimo

We are seeing some horrendous delays with La Poste recently.

EUROPE (Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands)

(Per NZ Post) "With the increase of COVID lockdown protocols in the UK, some European countries have announced flight bans. Flights from the UK are for now, currently not allowed to enter Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, The Netherlands, or Ukraine. Parcels from NZ destined for those European countries normally travel through the UK, therefore delays are now to be expected to these destinations as a result. We will continue to update this page as we have more information."

I've already placed an order - can you tell me when it will arrive?

Unfortunately we have no further information on where specific orders are within the disrupted global delivery network.

Many countries have closed their borders, and most are operating reduced postal services. Additionally, international air flights are operating at a greatly reduced capacity. In short, delivery dates are beyond our control right now.

We ask for your patience and understanding and assure you that your order will arrive, but may be subject to delays.

Note: All orders are sent using the international airmail service, for which there is no tracking available. Once your order is sent, no further information on it's progress is available. It's simply a matter of waiting for it to arrive.

Shipping Delay Information - You Can Help!

At present it is impossible to predict what shipping delays are likely to be. Many countries are implementing lockdowns or reducing their postal service, affecting delivery times.

So we are collecting information on actual delivery dates to get some idea of the delays we can expect.

If you have placed an order with us, please send us an email to let us know when it arrives. We'll publish basic data below (anonymous of course), to help understand what delays are likely to look like going forward.


Actual Shipping Delays to USA / Canada

Date Sent Destination Usual Arrival Date Actual Arrival Date Delay
Dec 18 USA Jan 11 Jan 12 1 day
Dec 30 USA Jan 15 Feb 2 18 days
Jan 12 USA Jan 26 Jan 25 -1 day
Jan 13 USA Jan 27 Feb 4 8 days
Feb 16 USA Mar 2 Feb 27 -3 days
Feb 22 USA Mar 8 Mar 6 -2 days
Feb 24 Canada Mar 10 April 3 24 days
Mar 4 USA Mar 18 Mar 17 -1 day
Mar 9 USA Mar 23 Mar 20 -3 days
Mar 26 USA Apr 10 April 3 -7 days


Actual Shipping Delays to Europe

Date Sent Destination Usual Arrival Date Actual Arrival Date Delay
Jun 10 France Jun 24 Jul 11 18 days
Jun 24 U.K. Jul 8 Aug 7 30 days
Jul 6 U.K. Jul 20 Aug 4 16 days
Jul 6 Italy Jul 20 Sep 9 51 days
Jul 10 U.K. Jul 24 Aug 24 31 days
Jul 26 Russia Aug 7 Nov 22 108 Days
Aug 7 France Aug 21 Nov 14 85 days
Aug 18 Italy Aug 31 Sep 12 11 days
Jan 17 France Jan 29 Feb 5 7 days
Feb 2 Portugal Feb 16 Mar 9 21 days
Mar 1 U.K. Mar 15 Mar 11 -4 days
Mar 1 Sweden Mar 15 Mar 24 9 days
Mar 16 U.K. Mar 30 Apr 2 3 days


Actual Shipping Delays to Asia/ Pacific

Date Sent Destination Usual Arrival Date Actual Arrival Date Delay
Jun 3 Thailand Jun 17 Jun 16 -1 day
Jul 8 Thailand Jul 22 Jul 18 -4 days
Aug 8 Australia Aug 24 Sep 9 16 days
Oct 16 India Oct 30 Nov 11 12 days
Nov 12 Australia Nov 26 Dec 3 7 days
Apr 5 Singapore Apr 19 Apr 16 -3 days



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