B2 Posters

We only stock genuine Japanese movie memorabilia. Please click any item for details, size, and condition.

Shipping costs for any order containing B2 posters is a flat-rate of $15 worldwide. If you order B5 posters as well, they will be shipped rolled inside the tube for no extra cost. (Note: Movie Programmes cannot be shipped in this manner, and need to be ordered separately.) Please read our FAQ for more information about our Shipping and packaging.

Genre: Drama , Fantasy , Horror , Sci-fi , Thriller

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Fireflies in the North
1984 B2 Poster
(Ver: B)
1984 B2 Poster
1983 B2 Poster
La Boum 2
1982 B2 Poster
Van Helsing
2004 B2 Poster


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